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Paul McCartney tickets for the tour dates in 2017 are on sale now! Paul McCartney started his career at 15, when he met John Lennon and his band, the Quarrymen, where he began to play as a rhythm guitarist. The band later adopted several names, finally settling with The Beatles in 1960. Paul McCartney and the Beatles became famous in 1963 with the hit “Love Me Do”, the harbinger of the “Beatlemania”. Released in the album “Help!”, McCartney’s composition “Yesterday” took on a career of its own, becoming the most covered song in history. In 1967, the album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was released, but its concept occurred to McCartney one year earlier. He thought of a song involving a military band from the Edwardian era. After the studio work on the song, McCartney proposed to record an entire performance by the fictional band, Sgt. Pepper’s, which included innovative recording effects. It ranked number one in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The Beatles broke up in 1970, after which Paul McCartney continued his musical career with his solo release, “McCartney”, which became a number-one album in the US. In 1971, in collaboration with drummer Denny Seiwell, he released “Ram”, and later that year he formed the band Wings, with Seiwell and Denny Laine. After a decade of success, McCartney decided he had achieved all he could creatively with the band, and the group disbanded in 1981. The eighties saw success in Paul McCartney’s life. He collaborated with Stevie Wonder on the hit “Ebony and Ivory”, and with Michael Jackson on “This Girl is Mine”. In the 90s, McCartney released the albums “Flaming Pies”, “Rushes”, “Run Devil Run”, “Off The Ground”, among others, and contributed on several works. More recently, McCartney collaborated with various artists and performed actively. He is one of the producers on Kanye West’s album, “The Life of Pablo”. Paul McCartney always draws attention wherever he performs.

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